Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Coleophora albicosta

A relatively straight forward Coleophora trapped in the New Forest on 5th June. There are a few Coleophora's with white lines along the forewings but the genitalia plate confirms to species level.

Coleophora albicosta genitalia plate

Coleophora albicosta

Tachypeza nubila

Found at night scuttling around on tree trunks and reluctant to fly. A member of the hybotidae family this I believe is Tachypeza nubila.

Tachypeza nubila

Aulagromyza hendeliana?

Couldn't get to species level with certainty as this was a female but it seemed to key out quite well for Aulagromyza hendeliana. Lack of photographic material of the adult also hampered a certain conclusive ID. The wing venation, size (2.75mm), mesonotum colour and yellow knees were useful pointers in this case.

Coleophora caespititiella

Found in my garden moth trap on 4th June this Coleophora turned out to be a pretty good match for Coleophora caespititiella. The aedeagus wasn't quite perfect lacking toothed edge but the shape of the sacculus is best matched for this species.

Coleophora caespititiella

Coleophora caespititiella

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

bryum pseudotriquetrum

On the subject of Bryums it seems a good idea to have a go at this one too. Same leaf shape but this one has a border ruling out B.caespiticium. To me I'd say this one is Bryum pseudotriquetrum

Bryum pseudotriquetrum capsule

Bryum pseudotriquetrum leaf

Bryum pseudotriquetrum leaf tip

Bryum caespiticium

This bryophyte I had a go at from the Garden Bioblitz as it was in a flower pot in my garden. As I found out during the process Bryum's are a tricky group and not really for beginners. However I persevered.
I listed the possibilities based on distribution and then eliminated one by one:

pallens - Leaves wrong colour although there is a green form.
capillare - Leaves twisted when dry
donianum - Leaves curl when dry
caespiticium - A likely candidate
pseudotriquetrum - Leaf has margin.
dichotomum - Setae less than 15mm (mine measures 35mm)
argenteum - Round leaf
radiculosum - Has tubers
rubens - Has tubers

Bryum caespiticium spores

Bryum caespiticium leaf

 Bryum caespiticium sporophyte

Bryum caespiticium peristome