Thursday, 31 March 2016

Rhizocarpon lavatum?

It doesn't take much effort to determine a Rhizocarpon but getting to species level is a lot more difficult. This one wouldn't key out so I instead went with the closest match. No idea what the difference between muriform, submuriform and eumuriform is and no explanation in the book. Perhaps it would have been easier to reach an ID had I have known. I've put the details here to come back in time and re-evaluate:

Spores: muriform (or could be submuriform or eumuriform) 25x11.25µm turning brown when mature.
Ascus: 120µm
hypothecium: brown
hymenium: colourless
epithecium: brown
apothecia: 0.8mm
habitat: siliceous rocks near stream

Pos Rhizocarpon lavatum

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