Friday, 9 December 2016

Rhynchostegiella pumila

My biggest weakness in bryophytes is pleurocarps currently so thought I'd start to tackle this group. The first one wasn't easy and having three names didn't help matters either, the other two being Eurhynchium pumilum and Oxyrrhynchium pumilum.
Working through the keys down all uncertain avenues brought me to Scorpiurium circinatum, Amblystegium serpens, Conardia compacta and Oxyrrhynchium hians/speciosum. The two Oxyrrhynchium species were eliminated by their cell length. both are 40┬Ám long whereas mine was only half that. Scorpiurium was ruled out straight away with S.circinatum have appress leaves when dry and not only this both plants look completely different. Amblystegium serpens was ruled out by having a longer narrower leaf shape. Conardia compacta looks quite close but this species has a costa that runs almost to the leaf tip and rhizoidal growth from the back of the costa.

Rhynchostegiella pumila

Rhynchostegiella pumila through the microscope

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